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Signatures for Save Beth Hamedrash Hagodol

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1 LindaJones This building touches the heart of the Lower East Side. While it is in tough shape, it can be stabilized and restored. 10002
2 MelissaSilverman   10002
3 EricMandelbaum   10002
4 LukeHenry Let's save Beth Hamedrash Hagodol and not further decimate our culture. I oppose the granting of a Hardship Application. 10009
5 AmyRobinson It is imperative to preserve the architectural and religious history of the Lower East Side. 10002
6 JoyceMendelsohn Losing this historic building would erase another visible link with the Jewish legacy of the Lower East Side.  
7 JosephCunin   11237
8 MicheleTrester   113754
9 SusanTerman   07670
10 WilliamThompson I served here as an Open House New York volunteer a number of years ago. I am not Jewish, but was nonetheless quite moved by the building and the experience. Please help preserve it. 10025
11 HowardStern I think it is a shame that you are even considering getting rid of this building. What because this has become prime real estate? 10002
12 GlenLeiner I support the efforts to preserve this historic and cultural NYC treasure 10023
13 EllenGordon More history, fewer unnafordable condos! 10704
14 JasonSolarek Please save Beth Hamedrash Hagodol synagogue. The building is important to myself and my neighbors.  
15 CurtisOwens Selling the architectural history of the city to the highest bidder is a crime against all New Yorkers 11561
16 StaceyLisheron   11217
17 MicahArbisser   10002
18 JudySolomon I oppose granting the hardship application. NYC's most interesting and beautiful communities capture and tell our history. To destroy yet another area without truly attempting to find a way to maintain historical character is not only sad but a sellout. 11215
19 MarshallBerman   10065
20 MeredithKelly   07601
21 marcmolomot Thank you,Joseph! 12446
22 debsperling   10002
23 LauraBermudez   11238
24 JenniferSilverman   10002
25 CoralCastillo   10009