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Signatures for Save Beth Hamedrash Hagodol

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26 YaTeng   11219
27 KariOgden Let's remember, the les has been known for having character, charm and eclectic culture. Please do not turn the les into a cookie cutter neighborhood of high rise condos. 10002
28 AndyBrown   10002-1986
29 KAASINENMARCUS Don't tear it down. 10002
30 naomileonard   10282
31 VeronicaJones   10002
32 KerensaWood   07405
33 SarahRosenblatt   11372
35 LilyChen   14261
36 ElliottHurwitt To the Commission: It is crucial that we act now to preserve and restore this building, a part of the rapidly dwindling historic fabric and architectural heritage of the vanishing Lower East Side. 10013
37 nahumfreidowitz   10002
38 MatthewKuhnert   10032
39 BonnieWolf   85719
40 SamMoskowitz Do it. 10002
41 RimaFinzi-Strauss We need to treasure Lower East Side history. Soon there will be only glass and steel condo buildings and hotels. How empty, how disrespectful to the memories of the countless immigrants who lived and worked here! This Russian synagogue is so important! 10002
42 nikkiekstein   10009
43 SaraRomanoski   10009
44 MitchellGrubler   10002-6760
45 RuthBaruch   33020
46 StephenIrolla We've lost too many wonderful buildings, both sacred and profane, as it is. G-d does not look kindly on such wanton destruction! 07701
47 ChrisMansfield This is an important part of Jewish American history and must be saved. 10003
48 RobertSchmidt   02128
49 StacyHollander We have already lost so many of our historic lower east side synagogues and with each loss the traces of jewish life in the neighborhood grows fainter. this is one of the last great synagogues; don't let it fall. 10002
50 DavidWachs   07030