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Signatures for Save Beth Hamedrash Hagodol

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51 DS Air rights for landmarks such as this can be used up to a block away. The shul's unused air rights are worth MANY MILLIONS - more than enough to save the shul and pay the rabbi. THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO DEMOLISH THIS TREASURE!!! 10002
52 HarrisGraber Beth Hamedrash Hagodol is part of the history of the Lower East Side and part of the Jewish history of NYC. It should be preserved, not demolished. 11102-3264
53 HarveySpears This must be preserved. There is nothing like it and nothing can take its place. 10002
54 ManuelaKruger   10002
55 CarolReisman This gem must be preserved.  
56 DanielRich I pass the synagogue many times during the week and look to it as an important part of LES history and LES identity.It's uniqueness lies in its antiquity and that there are several endangered old synagogues in the neighborhood.This helps anchor the LES. 10002
57 LoganDougher   10013
58 JosefSzende   10025
59 HardyPhippen What about Riverside Church and the Rockefellers exercizing some of their influence? 10036
60 FernTreiber Beth Hamedrash Hagodol must be saved. We have enough condos already we don't have enough buildings from our past and from our history. 10050
61 JudiTravis Save Beth Hamedrash Hagodol . There are enough luxury buildings, not enough historical sites. 33446
62 MartyShore   10025
63 LouisWeiss   10011
64 DamarisReyes   10002
65 Rabbi BenziSaydman To destroy this synagogue would be to destroy a major part of the American Jewish experience. 92630
66 EmilyBeare   10022
67 OlgaZabludoff   20037
68 CaroleKatz March 1,2013 I am a 3rd generation Jewish person living right here on the Lower East Side, and pray each day this this Shul does not get taken away. I am not a rich person and cannot say that I could buy this Shul, but each day I pray, that it willbeh 10002
69 fannieip With all the rectangular buildings, 7-eleven's and Dunkin Donuts coming into the area, we need to hold on to this piece of history more than ever. 10002
70 michelecampo OH PLEASE!! no more disrespectful destruction of our historical architectural treasures!! 10012
71 DeborahDash Moore This building will be of greater value to the neighborhood if it is preserved than if it is demolished to make way for condos. 48104
72 chrissanders NYC is quickly turning into an ugly 3rd world city at the rate it has been losing beautiful gems and replacing them with hideous "luxury" condos. Greedy pig NYC developers are cheap and can't do modern right like so let's save our historic buildings 10013
73 MichelleKrochmal   11215
74 BernardLevine Please save this historic edifice of Jewish faith. It is our hope that it's continued existence will perpetuate the memory of those who made the effort to establish the early Jewish presence in the United States. 28206
75 Jean-PierreCadieux A building that has reached the venerable age of 163 is definitely entitled to be preserved. K1M 1Y1