694 people signed the petition since February 28, 2013

Signatures for Save Beth Hamedrash Hagodol

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626 PaulSperry   10025
627 AmieTripi-Weiss   10025
628 AmandaGoldstein   10028
629 StevenWeisenburger   11206
630 sarahking This is an outrage. Historic heritage vs. greed. What kind of city do we want to live in? 10003
631 DavidSchiff   07076
632 LisaSchiff   07076
633 EnaKunin   10018
634 DianeShilling   10011
635 kazukomiyamoto Nice to save the beautiful thing. 10002
636 PhillipPessar Historic beautiful building that needs to be saved from demolition. 33155
637 jacquelinebarnett This is a landmark building which has enormous value as an architectural land mark but also is part of the cultural history of the Jewish people in New York. As in the city of Prague these synagogues should be refurbished and more publicly accessible 10001
638 MargaretOthrow I understand that this particular has gone through many incarnations as a spiritual center from many different groups. As such, it should remain to inspire those who come after us. A luxury condo is not as important. 11238
639 LeonardRosenberg Save this building 10013
640 alliewyman   10012
641 ErynBrennan   10016
642 LauraSelub   11746
643 StephanieKanarek   10014
644 LindaRattner Nunn This synagogue is a lasting landmark to the central place where our ancestors belonged. It is more than a synagogue; it marks a time and place where our loved ones stood. We MUST preserve the essence of who we are as a people forever. 92886
645 JessicaRosen Where can I donate? This would be a terrible loss. M3H1Z5
646 JaneKatcher   33133
647 EvaSilverman This is a very important building to the New York Area Jewish community. Thousands of our ancestors found this as a place of refuge after immigrating to the Lower East Side, including my grandma. 94611
648 JonayaLeek Please keep this historical synagogue open! 94607
649 AmyDooha Historical buildings need to be saved. Young people need to learn about the past and we don't need the destruction of any more synagogues. Another condo building is not a substitute for history. 94602
650 JoanAdler There is more need for a synagogue than more housing in this city. 10021