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Signatures for Save Beth Hamedrash Hagodol

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651 Christine JVincent   06612
652 JessicaEllison   92630
653 AdamSchlussel   07666
654 SandeePILLER   91709
655 KamiScott   10002
656 karenoverbey We must preserve this important link to our material and religious heritage. 10002
657 ElaineSocol   92835
658 SusanFractman I live in Calif. where the constant demolition of historic buildings has left this state with a generally unremarkable urban look. What a shame that this fate looms for the synagogue that started it all! Jewish or not, the building is "our" history! 92630
659 axnslwoqeaxnslwoqe    
660 eudywvbieudywvbi    
661 SerraSabuncuoglu   10002
662 MarciaFeuerstein Look at 6th and I historic synagogue in DC for a success story -- this could be imagined in the same way, attracting non-affiliated Jews to the synagogue. 20852
663 RachelBernstein   10002
664 tinalevine   11375
665 KarenMetchis My grandfather was born right around the corner from this synogogue. It is a beautiful building - I hope it can be preserved. 20814
666 danielstein   10002
667 ElissaWhite   10002
668 WilliamRockwell A critical building and essential to the new old ethos of the neigborhood. 10002
669 BenShapiro It is vitally important to the future of our city that we preserve what is special and valuable from our past--this building has been declared an example of this, so we must maintain our commitment. 10009
670 heathergollup   10009
671 DanielDickerman Right now it can hardly be told that there was a thriving Jewish community in the LES. Part of its heritage, and the Eastern European Jewry of New York. it needs to stay standing! 10577
672 SamanthaFrank   10002
673 RowleyAmato   10023
674 RaffiNaveh   07652
675 MikeCherry   11235