694 people signed the petition since February 28, 2013

Signatures for Save Beth Hamedrash Hagodol

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676 JudithVays   11234
677 AmyWelch   19807
678 MarianAdams It would be an irrecoverable loss to let this amazing structure crumble 10009
679 ThomasTrager   80304
680 JoshuaTrager This building should not only be preserved to value the Jewish history of New York, but also to preserve the family history of my great great great grandfather, Abraham Isaac Trager, who helped found this entity after immigrating from Lithuania. 80220
681 TamaraTrager Tcheunou Do not demolish history and beauty. 80231
682 marjorie k.bender   20854
683 JessicaLevy   10002
684 JoannaHalpern   10463
685 RonaldRyer   10002
686 jadonebanks its a part of history thou shall not destroy 10002
687 mordechaifriedman It will be a shame if this historic building will be turn down. 10033
688 MarcKagan I hope they can work with another organization so it does not have to be destroyed. I wish you Good Luck. 77062
689 gabbyjava   11024
690 KaitlinEdleman   10002
691 BonnieFitz   10301
692 PatriciaPerlo I lived north of the LES for over 25 years. Ended up where I am now because I was priced out. 11225
693 OlgaZabludoff   20037
694 robertdowling as of 6/3/2017 basically gone (fire). all thats left to say is shame. 10308-1838